Vicky Cheng (March 2016)

Vicky Cheng is a third year Ph.D. student and teaching associate in Syracuse’s English Department. She studies Victorian literature and culture, with an emphasis on feminist and queer readings of the body. When not reading for forthcoming qualifying exams, she can be found drinking tea, napping, or having strong feelings about Star Wars, Marvel films, and Hamilton.

To read and comment on her posts individually, click on the links below:

Part 1: Female Identity, Representation, and the Inscrutable Self (1 March 2016) 

Part II: Female Identity, Subjectivity, and Knowing the Self (8 March 2016)

Part I: Wicked Women, Active Deception, and Narrative Opportunity (25 March 2016)

Part II: Wicked Women and the Negotiation of Female (dis)Empowerment (1 April 2016)